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Therapeutic Laser

We have been lucky enough to have had a therapeutic laser machine at Oakville for almost 2 years now…and have been absolutely amazed at some of the results we have obtained!  Therapeutic laser treatment can be used to help successfully heal wounds, often without surgical intervention, and is therefore of particular benefit in animals (such as the elderly or those individuals with underlying health problems) where we wish to avoid general anaesthesia and surgical repair. We have found laser treatment to be of particular use in wounds which are infected or which would be difficult to suture due to their position or the fact that they would be under tension. Laser treatment speeds up tissue healing and can be of benefit post surgery and following orthopaedic procedures as it reduces recovery time.

Therapeutic laser is also beneficial in alleviating pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis and is one of the complementary treatments (along with acupuncture) that we are able to offer at Oakville. Our nurses run (free!) geriatric clinics where, amongst other things, they will be able to assess your pet and help you to determine if your pet may be suffering with stiff joints and whether they may benefit from either acupuncture or a course of therapeutic laser treatment.

If you require any further information then please contact our Telford practice on 01952 506360.