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The importance of neutering

The importance of neutering
Neutering pets is a common surgical procedure, in addition to preventing unwanted litters there are many health benefits for your pet.
Neutering cats can be done from an early age; the average age for cat neutering is 5 months old, but it can be done as early as 4 months, it is recommended to keep female cats indoors until they are neutered to prevent the chance of an unwanted litters. Both male and female cats must also be over 2kg in weight for their procedure.
Neutering from a young age helps reduce the chance of roaming and fighting, and this makes them less likely to contract diseases such as FIV (feline aids) and FeLV (feline leukaemia). Male cats are also much less likely to mark their territory with urine (spraying).
It is easy to forget that young female cats can fall pregnant, kittens can reach sexual maturity at just 4-5 months of age. The gestation period for cats is just 9 weeks and they can produce a litter of up to 6 kittens. They can also fall pregnant again even when still feeding a litter.
Female Dogs
Females can be spayed from 6 months of age which is generally before their first season. If a season has occurred or in the older females, we recommend waiting 3 months after the end of the last season before having her spayed.
In addition to preventing unwanted litters there are many health benefits. These include:
  • Preventing the risk of uterine or ovarian cancers
  • Reduces the chance of mammary tumours
  • Prevents the risk of a womb infection known as pyometra, which is a life threatening condition
  • Helps prevent false pregnancies
  • Stops the mess of bleeding and worry of keeping her away from males during her seasons
Male Dogs
Castration of dogs has health benefits and behavioural advantages. The procedure can be done from 6 months of age; smaller breeds will usually be done around this time but some larger breeds may be closer to 10-12 months of age.
Benefits include:
  • Helping to reduce wandering behaviour
  • Reduces the likelihood of excessive urine marking
  • Can help reduce aggression in some cases
  • Reduces prostate problems
  • Prevention of testicular cancers
To book your pet in for neutering or for more information and prices please call the practice! Also our Best Friends club members are entitled to a 10% discount of the price of neutering.