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Preventative healthcare – the Best Friends Club

The reason that we launched the Best Friends Club was that we genuinely believe that prevention is better than cure! Our preventative healthcare programme enables owners to protect their pets, and therefore family, against many preventable parasites and diseases and help them to have a long and happy life together.  As well as twice yearly healthchecks, routine vaccinations and parasite control (including ticks and also lungworm in dogs), our pet health plan includes significant discounts on a number of other products and services, such as neutering and routine dental work, which allows owners to make significant savings whilst spreading the payment monthly throughout the year.  We believe that this helps to make preventative healthcare more affordable and accessible for more people.  Regular health checks mean that, should a pet develop an underlying health issue, we are more likely to detect it before the animal becomes unwell and therefore the chance of a successful outcome is greatly increased.

As most of you will realise, Oakville is a small, independent practice and we place great emphasis on getting to know our clients and providing them with continuity of care for their pets.  The Best Friends Club is an additional way of us providing you and your pets with what we believe are the very best services and products available.  Payment is generally by direct debit.

You will even receive an email reminder, every 3 months, to come and collect your flea/tick treatment and wormers so it’s a great way of ensuring that you don’t forget to treat your pets for parasites!

Benefits of our pet health club include:

Health check and routine annual vaccinations
Worming (including lungworm for dogs)
Flea treatment
Tick treatment
6 month health check
Nail clip and anal glands included at both health checks
Discounted puppy and kitten packs
Discount on vaccination course/booster if you join on the day
Discount on kennel cough and rabies vaccinations, initial consultations, routine neutering, dental descale and polishes, microchipping, geriatric health screen and Royal Canin food … and more!

For information on additional benefits on our pet health club please call 01952 506360 and speak to one of our staff who will be happy to help you.