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Have you heard about our best friends club?

Have you heard about our best friends club?

Essential routine healthcare is an important way to keep your pet happy and healthy, that’s why in January 2016 we set up our Best Friends club (BFC) to provide your pet with the very best preventive healthcare.

Our Best Friends club gives you access to a number of benefits and saves you money whilst allowing you to spread the cost throughout the year by paying in monthly instalments. Your monthly payments cover the cost of an annual booster and a year’s supply of flea and worming treatment, as well as many discounts on treatments and products throughout the practice such as nail clippings, scale and polish dental procedures, lifestage Royal Canin food and initial consultation fees.


Vaccinations provide the best way to protect your pet against some serious infectious diseases which can cause some very unpleasant symptoms and sometimes can be fatal. Diseases that can be prevented by this vaccination for cats are; Feline herpes virus, Calcivirus, Feline Panleucopania Virus and Leukemia Virus.

Diseases that can be prevented by vaccinations for dogs are; Distemper, Parvovirus, Canine Infectious Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough*.

Diseases that can be prevented by vaccinations for rabbits are; Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD).

There is no cure for any of these diseases and emergency treatment will be more expensive than the cost of vaccinating your pet. Prevention is much better than cure.

A yearly booster is recommended for your pets.


Worms can cause some nasty symptoms in your pets, such as weight loss and diarrhoea so worming treatment is provided as part of your pets preventive healthcare treatment. Milquantel worming tablets are provided for cats and dogs, cats receive a tablet every 3 months and dogs receive a monthly tablet to ensure they have lungworm coverage.

The treatment given within the BFC treats for several types of worms including round worm and tapewormLung worm treatment is also included for dogs.


Fleas can be a pest, so as a member of the best friend club you are provided with the best treatment which kills fleas quickly within 2 hours of contact. It also treats for ticks in cats and dogs. The product we use is called Bravecto. For dogs it is given as a chewy tablet designed to be given as a treat. For cats it’s a spot on treatment that has to be applied to the back of the neck. Best of all, you only have to give it every 3 months.

(Struggle giving your cats spot on treatments and worming tablets? Give us a call to book an appointment with one of our nurses so they can do it for you!)

Rabbits are given a flea treatment called clear spot.

We now have over 250 pets in our Best Friends club, so why not come and join them, pop into the surgery where our helpful reception staff will be able to sign you up!

*Kennel cough is not provided within the cost of monthly payments but is however offered at discounted cost to BFC members.