Oakville Veterinary Surgery, Station Road, Lawley Bank, Telford TF4 2LP


Believe it or not this Saturday was 10 years to the day since Sarah bought Oakville Veterinary Surgery!  To mark this occasion Sarah has designed a bespoke preventative healthcare programme for Oakville clients and their pets!  The main aim of the Best Friends Club is to help keep our patients happy and healthy by proactively preventing illness and parasites, rather than just treating animals when they are sick (although it also gives owners significant savings and allows them to spread the costs throughout the year!).  On Saturday we were very honoured to have Richie Woodhall, who has been with the practice ever since Sarah took over, launch the plan for us and we were also delighted to have his dog Marvin (who we have known since he was a tiny dot!) become the very first member of our Best Friends Club!

The plan allows people to make significant savings on preventative health care (such as vaccinations, worm and flea treatment and some dental care) as well as certain foods.  It also gives members the benefit of additional savings on consultations and includes two health checks per year.  Anyone interested in joining should contact the practice on 01952506360 for further details and to find out more about the other included benefits of being a member.